Regulatory Strategies
and Safety
Drug Dependence Study

Drug addiction has been a worldwide health issue causing mental and physical damage to addicts. The evaluation of dependence potential of test article with central nervous activity may be required. TriApex can provide nonclinical drug dependence studies to guide safe drug use and warn of abuse tendency.

Service Advantages

TriApex can conduct nonclinical drug dependence studies in compliance with the NMPA and FDA regulations and guidelines, including physical and psychological dependence studies. Our team members are experienced and skillful with relevant backgrounds in neuropharmacology and toxicology.

Service Capacities

Physical Dependence:

-Spontaneous Withdrawal

-Precipitation Withdrawal

Psychological Dependence:


-Conditioned Place Preference

-Drug Discrimination


-To evaluate the dependence potential of the test article.

-To evaluate the therapeutic effect of detoxification drugs.

Project Experience

Precipitation Withdrawal: 

To evaluate the physical dependence potential of the test article.


SD rats were administered with the test article via subcutaneous injection at different doses for 15 consecutive days (twice a day on D1~D14, once a day on D15). In the recovery period, animals were induced to precipitation withdraw by intraperitoneal injection of naloxone hydrochloride, an opioid receptor antagonist. The body weights were measured and withdrawal symptoms were scored.